Dr. Abisoye Ariyo is a therapist who understands the importance of physical therapy and other types of unique care options. And every year, they take the time to figure out various techniques that are likely to be popular in the future.

In 2022, many innovations and unique care options will likely transform the market and make therapy a much easier and successful process for those who need this help.

New Physical Therapy Options Dr. Abisoye Ariyo Supports in 2022

Every year, new physical therapy innovations help to transform this practice in many ways. And many people predict different trends and try to gauge how these unique breakthroughs will be used.

Thankfully, there are a handful of unique and powerful options that are likely to be more significant in 2022, therapy methods that will transform the market and make it a better and more amazing place.

For instance, Dr. Abisoye Ariyo predicts that red light therapy will become very common throughout the next few years. This therapy method has already been created and is slowly becoming a standard treatment option for many issues.

The idea behind this option is to use healing lights to stimulate the immune system and help people heal more quickly and efficiently as a result.

Does this seemingly sci-fi technology work? Absolutely! Therapists use light therapy to trigger light-reactive molecules in the skin that produce various types of reactions when exposed to specific frequencies of light waves.

For example, non-invasive red light therapy has been found to increase ATP and collagen production and helps to protect the integrity and strength of a person’s DNA.

How could this option be used in physical therapy? Well, Dr. Abisoye Ariyo has found it helps people who are struggling to overcome issues like strains or broken bones.

During treatment, red light helps the body rebuild tissue and avoid serious complications. In this way, physical therapy is more effective and therapeutic, providing the long-term benefits an individual needs to stay firm on their feet.

That said, red light is far from the only innovation expected to make a huge difference in 2022. While robotics and virtual reality are already used in limited ways in some therapy centers, they’ll likely explode in 2022.

Both provide a unique level of care that will give many people a better chance of overcoming limitations and staying as strong as possible through life’s challenges. These benefits are things that many therapists have been attempting to achieve for years.

For example, Dr. Abisoye Ariyo has used robots and virtual reality to help with minute and complex body tissue manipulations. Robotic-controlled arms help support the body more firmly than a human’s arm.

On the other hand, virtual reality creates a comfortable environment for therapy sessions. And as these techniques improve, they’ll provide even more benefits for those who need them to manage physical-