Dr. Abisoye Ariyo Examines Potential Advances in Physical Therapy in 2021

 Dr. Abisoye Ariyo is a therapist who specializes in many fields, including physical therapy. Over the years, he has worked hard to help others and has paid great attention to trends and innovations in the field. Throughout 2021 and into 2020, he believes that many new concepts are likely to originate in the field and change it in subtle and even dramatic ways.

Innovations and Trends Dr. Abisoye Ariyo is Watching in Physical Therapy

Due to COVID, 2020 was a challenging year for physical therapists like Dr. Abisoye Ariyo. They struggled to provide the hands-on care that their patients needed because they couldn't see them. And while the increasing effectiveness of vaccines has alleviated some of this concern, Dr. Ariyo has had to adapt by implementing a growing amount of Telehealth treatments for his patients.

Telehealth is a unique concept that Dr. Abisoye Ariyo and other specialists have integrated into their care over the last few years. It allows therapists to meet with their clients and assess their health without leaving the office. Dr. Ariyo states that high-quality video programs like Zoom and strong internet connections help make this process much more manageable.

Dr. Abisoye Ariyo anticipates that this innovation will stay key in 2021 and even expects advances. For example, the possibility of robotic-assisted care may be a reality during this year. This method would allow patients to get care from a simple robot delivered to their doorstep by the therapist's assistants. Then, the client could use this robotic assistance to get hands-on care.  

Advances like these are likely too expensive for most therapists to use, unfortunately, but Dr. Ariyo does believe that other, less costly, advances are likely to occur during this time. For instance, Dr. Ariyo believes that a whole-body perspective may become even more common in the field. While many physical therapists utilize this idea in their treatment, it may expand even further.

Dr. Abisoye Ariyo believes it may become common for physical therapists to start working in uninjured areas that may be connected to the hurt area. In this way, they can improve the injured area and balance its strength with regions near it. Beyond this, Dr. Ariyo also believes that mental health therapy may also find its way into physical therapy via the use of simple surveys given to each patient.

Another innovation Dr. Abisoye Ariyo plans on watching more in 2021 and 2022 is the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System or MIPS. This Medicare program started in 2020 and is designed to incentivize better care through higher payments. In this way, the quality of treatment across the whole field may spike and become stronger, which may help many individuals get through complex physical health issues. In this way, it is possible that the field could become more effective and treatments more fine-tuned to each individual in care.

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